Aug 28, 2008

This is the future

Thanks a lot for the sweet words, it's good to know that people don't want to see you go. So I'm not going. I'm just turning into a boring, stupid, fat ass dude that can do nothing but whine, scream, cry and other stuff like that. You know... all the loser-esque things. Heh. Or, in other words, this becomes my personal blog I'll update whenever something important or worth writing about happens. I won't be chasing girls, I have given up the bet, this is my old life (or my new life, whatever). This is the new me.

The truth is that this is not me. I'm not the flirt dude, I'm not the king of Don Juan's, I just can't f**k for fun. And I can definitely not do it with anybody. And that's what I was starting to do in My Girl Quest. Which kind of sucked. I'm not a lowlife. I don't do girls that are drunk, that are too stupid or just plain ugly. Nope, that's not me. So I had to quit. It just wasn't right.

And... since everything started out as a "quiet, little project" (until I found Entrecard and the fact that's much more fun to have actual, real people reading)... so, just as it was planned, this blog will remain kind of quiet. As in promotion. I don't plan to change the world so I definitely don't need to do my best to spread the word. I love reading blogs, I love writing, but the truth is that I don't have the needed time to fully promote it. So I'll stick to reading the few blogs I really started to enjoy while on Entrecard and take care of my other projects.

Because, yes, this is one of the other reasons I have to stop being a prick, a teenager-like dude. I have other projects. So... we're all set to go, right? This is the new me (I just wonder how many times I said that?) This is the new blog. This is what started it all!

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Phone Girl said...

I can understand that. I think its fine that you do that, but I don't see why you got rid of Entrecard, you still want people to read and you can drop whenever you want. I like the idea of you not liking being so casual and kind of using girls. I like that about you. Why don't you just see if you can find another relationship meaningful this year. Have a REAL love life.

Mystery Man said...

Glad to hear you're not shutting down. sucks that you're leaving Entrecard, though. You've been one of my top droppers. Oh well, don't forget to swing by now and then! I'll be doing the same!

Prisqua said...

Glad to hear you are here to stay! Though I don't understand why you want to leave Entrecard either... you have a good blog, just let people make up their own mind if they want to read it or not... Entrecard is not going to change anything... And i think this is what blogging is all about... some people have some interesting stuff to tell every single day, but I don't and so what?

Alexis said...

Told ya you didn't seem the tom cat kind :P Anyway, you could turn this into a One girl quest and try to find a special girl and who knows, maybe you'll fall in love again :)

TOPolk said...

Go for broke my good man.

Iris said...

I've been uber busy that I haven't had time to read (or write) blogs, gaaaaaaaaahhhh! Imagine my surprise to find out you're giving up The Quest! I imagine I'll enjoy your blog even more now that I don't have to think about you as a toxic male anymore. LOL. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading! ;-)