Aug 8, 2008

Big night tonight

It’s good to set some goals, right? That’s exactly what I am doing now by saying that this night will be a “big” one. Following my latest flirting disaster, nothing noteworthy happened (as you probably deducted for yourself from the lack of posting). I worked a bit on a personal flirtopedia in order to make things a bit easier to follow, but it’s far from ready and I’m a pretty lazy ass right now.

Anyway, back to my flirting quest – tonight has to be a big night. I need some fresh meat, I need a few phone numbers, I need to get back on track. I. is constantly ignoring me and I really don’t care about that and P. still sends me a message every know and then, but I think she got the point – it was just doing it and nothing else. :) Hopefully, that’s exactly what I will to achieve tonight. May lady luck be with me!

PS. Since this post seems to be so “empty”, here’s a good one from the past. Thank God it’s Friday!

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Prisqua said...

Good luck for tonight....