Aug 10, 2008

Girl of the week – Gina Pistol

This week’s most sexy girl is, due to popular demand, a blond one – unfortunately, I was quite unlucky to think about a really famous chick (I’m getting ready for my date with A. so I have my mind more focused on flirt skill recharging :D). Anyway… the girl of this week is Gina Pistol, a very sexy lady that would never say "No" (That’s what she said during an interview!)
She has a pretty interesting story: born in 1981 in a very small Romanian village, she moved to the capital city and got a job as a shoe seller. She was later discovered by the guys over at the Playboy magazine, accepted to pose nude and a new life was going to start for her. The pseudo-star was soon going to be present at various television shows, she even hosted a TV show herself but she never managed to get too high in the charts. However, she is still considered one of the sexiest girls in Romania and, as you can see in the pictures here, there are some serious reasons for that. So, ladies and gentleman, I give you Gina Pistol!

Funny fact: Her surname means “gun”. You can imagine that there were a few jokes based on that. So… anybody wanna load her up?

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Mystery Man said...

dude! this chick is hot! if on;y i could date her (and maybe other things)...--drools--

Mr. Fast said...

Indeed, you can say that again!

TOPolk said...

Oooh...I'm a big fan of this chick. And I don't normally dig blondes. I think its the fact she's wearing a skirt in that 3rd pic. Nice.

Mr. Fast said...

Oh, yes! And she does it with style.