Aug 9, 2008

Please, don’t stop the music

Rihanna definitely knows what she’s talking about when she says that (“Please don’t stop the music”, I mean). There are some things when the noise is better to skyrocket because some girls are just… Honestly, now, I shouldn’t complain here, since I’m clearly after quantity with my flirt quest and no quality… but some things are way off limits.

It was a so-so night last night – I did score, thank God for that! – but there was absolutely no quality involved (yup, there I go spilling the beans so fast about it!). But really my biggest concern was the girl (for the first time in my life, probably – am I getting old?) – she was a complete mess!

I know that when you go to a club, flirt, get the girl, do her then kiss her good-bye nothing but her looks and love making skill matter, but she was really on zero with EVERYTHING else. I do like to talk with my date, I like to discover what she likes, I like to have a good company. And even though I don’t want her to laugh at all my jokes (because I know I totally suck sometimes), I at least have the guts to ask from a lady to understand when I’m joking. For God’s sake, this girl had absolutely no idea what “To joke” means, she had no idea what “social behavior” is… I even have doubts that she knew I flirted with her, picked her up and did her. She was from a different planet – Planet Stupid, to be more specific.

It’s hard to explain exactly how this girl was, but you probably know the type – she looks good enough to draw your attention without putting on too much make-up, but she has huge problems with words. She grunts and makes all sorts of noises instead of speaking, she laughs when she shouldn’t and fails to even smile when somebody says the best joke ever.

Pff…I can’t stand it anymore. There are some problems in my area with the electrical power – there were these problems all day and I am completely pissed off – three times I was interrupted while writing and honestly, this can really drive you crazy. So I don’t know if this post has any sense right now, all I can say is that I. – the last night girl, not my work colleague – was horrendous. Great in bed but a horrible company.

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Phone Girl said...

Maybe you should try to change your tactics a little bit. Maybe your encounter last night should be more with what you need. Because when you try to make friends like the work girl, it gets complicated, like with P. too. You want to find, fuck, and flirt with as many girls as you can, not be their

On another note, would love if you email me privately, I need your

stephan said...

you ever gonna post a pic?! I bet your totally cute. so you did her and enjoyed it, but totally wasted your brain energy being around here.