Aug 27, 2008

Plans for the future

Out of various reasons (one of the most important being the fact that I keep failing), I have decided to end My Girl Quest. Initially I wanted to put an end to this blog, too, but eventually I have decided not to. It will become my personal blog (so basically, about the same thing that it was until now) that will only be focused to keep me occupied a bit more in my busy life :)

I will stop dropping on Entrecard and, as soon as the last add will expire, I will stop using the service. Not because it is not great, but because I want to keep a low profile for a while. I'll be adding all the friends I made during this small period of blogging to my blogroll and I hope we'll keep in touch. So... until next time, whenever that is, remember one thing: Don't start a Girl Quest unless you are THE Don Juan :) It will fail (especially if you don't have time). See ya all!

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Phone Girl said...

Nooooo, what happened? You were doing good, don't get down on yourself. If you don't make the 100 girls, so what, its not a big deal. Was it not fun? It seemed like you were having fun. If you don't do entrecard, thats fine but don't not do you blogging, you were great at it and don't let the bet rule your life, take as just a fun way to meet new girl or whatever. But if you feel this is the best, than I can't fault you, I just hope you reconsider.

Prisqua said...

Please do not give up on blogging! who cares about the quest! You managed to entertain a lot of people and make this quest a great success on some other level and you should be proud of it!