Feb 12, 2009


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Nov 8, 2008

Free Your Mind! En Vogue

Does anybody still remember the nineties and the great music back then? I remember that I was still a child when En Vogue launched their "Free Your Mind" song and I was excited, amazed and forever put under the spell of gratitude. En Vogue was simply great and I know that today, when nostalgia started to rise when I accidentaly found a few En Vogue videos on YouTube. I'm going to share, of course.

First, En Vogue - Free Your Mind:

And another incredibly sexy En Vogue - My Lovin:

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Oct 26, 2008

Guys, girls and imagination

There are funny pics - that's the type of images I like looking at when I'm drunk and no other time. It feels sad to be completely sober, watch funny images and start laughing but if you're drunk you have an excuse and you're no longer pathetic. I am no longer pathetic. On the other hand (right, to be more specific) there are sexy pictures. Those can be looked at no matter when. Those stimulate a man's imagination and sometimes they're great cuz they keep you going: you see one chick in one pic and you set her as your objective: you won't stop til you get one like her.

And, for everybody else, there are funny sexy pics, who are just great to look at whenever you feel like. And I feel like buying a new DVD-player like... right now! But I want the exact same remote control model!

On the other hand (right, again) you might just be a manly man, muscular and fit. I'd like that, too. Who wouldn't. May the force be with you. Keep it up! And I have absolutely no idea if I'm talking about hers or yours.

Anyway... if I said something about the FORCE - this is the reason I did it. HAlloween is closer than ever so I wonder: will I hit the right party? This chick deffinitely did:

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Sep 30, 2008

Chick of the week: Sarah Shahi

Although it's not exactly what I generally watch on TV, the Life series did get my attention because of one thing: Sarah Shahi, a beautiful, beautiful chick that's becoming this week's "best of", thanks to her descendants: Iranian and Spanish. So, without further ado, enjoy the Sarah Shahi pictures here and thank God for creating such wonderful things. Oh, one more thing: if you plan to ever ask her out, have in mind that Sarah Shahi's real name is: Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi.

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Oops, she did it again!

I was silently and boringly surfing the internet when I accidentally found out that, once again, a Britney Spears sex tape is out in the wild. There were lots of rumors regarding the existence of such a video in the past, but it was proved, every time, that they were all fake.

However, this time it appears to be different - the Britney Spears sex video is allegedly awaiting for "the right price" to be published, being held by Britney's ex-banger Adnan Ghalib. So, it seems that this time, the "queen" did it again. It was the time she did something, right? I mean... except for being fat and a pain in everybody's but... did she do anything recently? Sex tapes. So... bring it on, let us see some booty.

Oh, and my stupid little question for miss Britney, if she reads this (lol): Do you like anal?

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Sep 4, 2008

What every man needs...

I have just finished drinking my third coffee today and I still feel bad: I could sleep starting this second and only wake up on Monday. I need a break and I can't afford one right now, unfortunately. And then, I find this picture you can see and start wondering: why is nobody paying attention to this kind of pics. Give me a workplace like this one (without my job being named "porn star") and I'll sure as hell be more productive than ever. Really, now, I just found a dream job. I've got a laptop, too, so I'm all set. Aiiiight?

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Sep 3, 2008


I am 100% excited. Words can't describe the way I feel now, since my mega-huge project I'm working on together with one of my friends is finally starting to have the shape we were planning and things have no reasons not to work :) I just love watching that thing (I can't really talk about it right now, but it's going to be big!). I'm hoping for the best.

However, this nonstop work has a huge side effect: not only it keeps me tired to the bone and in a state where coffee has absolutely no effects, but it also keeps me away from the most precious gift a young male could get from life: girls, girls, girls. Lol. No, really, you don't want to imagine how long it was since Mr. Fast here did it the last time. Because if you want, you'll definitely start laughing and I don't want you to do that. Not laugh at me, anyway.

So... back to work. I found some really cool and funny images during some random site hopping and I just know I must post them to ease my pain, but I'm too busy for that, too. But just this week, I promise. :)

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