Jul 27, 2008

Wow! Just Wow!

Honestly, that would be enough - repeating over and over again: Wow! Wow! Wow! and so on. I. is a storm. She is absolutely crazy and completely out of this planet. The girl of every man’s dreams and even more. The ultimate fun machine. Honestly. And she doesn’t seem to be crazy (as in a scary kind of way, as I was anticipating). She is wild, she is a beast hidden under some soft skin, because of the job's limitations, probably. But out in the wild, I. is a man-pleasing machine – I’m 100% sure that when she was born, she was singing: “Born to be wiiiiiild!”. I feel blessed.

Best. Weekend. EVER. This could be another way to sum things up (yes, as you can see, I am still very ecstatic and I still feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins, even though I have slept at most 5 hours). Here’s the incredible story:

Just like we were supposed to, we met on Friday and I was pretty nervous: she did to me some really strange things in the past and I had no idea how she would react to our date. Even more, I basically told her, when I got the date, that I’m going to introduce her to a friend of mine. It was obvious that I was just flirting and that was just a figure of speech, but one can never know what a woman understands. So I was nervous and she noticed that. As opposed to me, she was really calm and cool and seemed like a different person than the girl I knew from work. Not to mention that she was incredibly hot, wearing a very tight and sexy black dress. The elegant type, the one that you’d like to get your hands on and rip apart, just like they do in the movies.

Anyway, we ordered something to eat and, most important, some red wine and things eventually started to get a bit more natural. She was not very talkative – quite reserved, I might say – but at least she wasn’t rejecting my whimsy flirt lines. However, there was basically no feedback from her, which was starting to make me feel very uncomfortable. How should’ve I known that her crazy brain was planning? :D

Let’s go!” she suddenly said at a point when the silence was becoming painful. It was a bit of a surprise for me, but I was anticipating it: I couldn’t have said we were having fun. It was just another failed date and I was ready to accept it. However, a man can never know what a woman wants to say with “let’s go”. And she kept me waiting. She likes to play.

When we got in my car, she said nothing. I was waiting for her to tell me to take her home or something, but she was waiting for my question, so I asked: “Where now?”. She giggled. “We should change clothes,” she said completely confusing me. “So we’re going to my place first”. I asked her a few times what her plans were, but she said I’ll see. “We’ll have fun, she kept repeating”. OK, so she was really waning IT and nothing more, I started to imagine…

When we got to her place, she told me to go up with her. If we would’ve gone in, had sex, then kissed goodbye, it would’ve been something normal. Honestly – now, after what happened with us, I really think that would’ve been the most common thing on earth. But it was much more.

She told me to sit down in one of her armchairs and went out, only to come back with tons of clothes. She asked me if I wanted to have fun and, of course, I said yes. She laughed and told me, like it was the most natural thing: “Then let’s go visit the mountains”. I tried to explain her it was late, we had no place to stay there – that it was a complete madness and she said that was the whole point. “Don’t you like adventures?” she asked me and I eventually agreed. The chick is crazy, I told you!

She took her clothes off, just like that (she was wearing some black lingerie, though) and said that I have to choose her outfit. And what followed next is hard to explain in words (especially in a language that’s not your native one :P). It was like a dance, like a teasing-erotic-breath taking-complete madness thing. I was practically tied to the chair and I was obliged to look at her. She was moving slowly, she was sensual, she was teasing, making me go crazy. But she didn’t let me to do anything: she just changed clothes a few times, telling me to choose which outfit is the best. She didn’t even care that I said (all sweaty and way too excited): “Anything. Honestly, anything!

When we got to my home, things got even stranger. She said it was my turn, so I had to strip and change a few pairs of jeans and wear different t-shirts. I think she has some kind of strange fetish with clothes and changing them or something like that. A bit odd, anyway, but back then it was the most erotic thing in the world. At one point, while looking at the bulge in my boxers, she said: “It looks like we’re not the only ones wanting to have fun” and I was truly expecting her to jump on me and please me. Or at least help me with the pain. But she did nothing and I was already getting way too excited. But, as you can see, I survived.

So we got in the car and went in a one day-long vacation. We spent the entire day (Saturday) there and things got a bit back to normal. We didn’t do any bungee jumping, fights with snakes or stuff like that. But it was very cool – something I had never done in my life – I’m the kind of dude who likes to plan his vacations to the last detail. This escape was nothing but magic. Pure magic and I’s company was wonderful, too. It’s unforgettable!

Oh, and if you’re wondering if we did it, after all, the answer is… YES! Not just once – and it was magic, too!

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Phone Girl said...

Ok I love love love that story, at first I was prepared to feel sorry for you but at the end, I was very happy.....there are some freaks at work...hehehehe...
Where are you from, come by my site and tell me....

iris said...

Way to go, Mr. Fast! Sounds like you just found yourself a gem - a woman who isn't afraid to go after - and do - what she wants. Here's to more details! LOL. ;-)

TOPolk said...

I like this girl. Here's to hoping that she makes more appearances. She's random enough to be extremely interesting.

Mr. Fast said...

Yes, that's how she seemed to be, unfortunately she's not exactly that random :) I'll write the details today on what happened at work.