Jul 24, 2008

It comes a time when your luck disappears... that time is now!

Ever since I started my Girl Quest I was very lucky – I’m not a charmer, I’m not a real flirt, I’m not a ladies man. Yet, I have managed to score far more chicks than I or anybody else would’ve expected. I was starting to get the feeling the scoring chicks is actually something so easy or something I’m so good at that I should become some kind of relationship guru or whatever. The truth is that I’m far, far from something like that. And I’m running out of luck, too.

Just as I was supposed to, I went out to meet with P. – she insisted I shouldn’t come and pick her up – so I took the table, ordered the drinks and waited for her, creating all sorts of scenarios in my mind on how the night will go: each and every one of my scenarios ended with the two of us at my place, in my bed, doing the wild thing. I was ready. She was going to get IT.

Or not.

When she arrived, everything was looking great: she was looking great, her perfume was smelling great, even I was feeling OK and not tired, which is a first for the past couple of weeks when I was over-tired from work. Anyway, we started to talk – nothing important, just the regular talk, the prelude, the “how was your day” sort of things you’re talking first. It should’ve been at least a decent night, with two people feeling great together if it wouldn’t have been for the phone.

You know… THE PHONE. I might be a bit paranoid, but usually girls tell some friend to call them for “something urgent and important” in case they don’t like their date. That something happened during her date with me, apparently, because somebody called her, she acted pretty surprised and told me she really has to go. Of course, I offered her my help and said I’ll go with her, but she refused. “It’s something personal,” she said. “I’ll be back”.

Every time I hear that line I think Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator and it doesn’t sound great. I was sure she was not going to come back, but I decided to wait just a bit more – about 15 minutes, just as long as it took me to finish my beer and feel horrible all alone in the crowded pub. Then I called her and the rest was as expected: she was terribly sorry, but she was almost certain she was not going to comeback, so I’d better go home and we’ll meet again. Yeah, right! I just don't understand why she had to do it during our third date... did she keep trying and hoped to get something out of me and I was unable to comply?

And I don’t understand why I am so unlucky. Can things change over night – from the luckiest guy in the world to the most sorrow? I only seem to meet girls who seem to be attracted by my looks/personality/whatever, but then they run away. Does my breath smell bad? Am I actually a horrible person to be around with, the ugly duck, the boring fellow? I have no idea, but things are going wrong. As in horribly wrong and I don’t know why.
UPDATE: Screw that! I’m not that ugly, after all. I have just posted this entry and P. called me, saying she’s sorry and that if I want she can come and meet me. I told her I’m home, she seemed to agree to come here. She said she’ll tell me about her problem, but I don’t really care, as long as thing are finally as they seem to be: in my favor! I’m going to pick her up. Hopefully, there won’t be a second update where I’ll cry for being dumped again. :)

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Jazz said...

I think mobile phones are so not cool when you're out on a date. I wouldn't give a guy a second look if he pulled that stunt on me.

Mr. Fast said...

Apparently it was just me exaggerating - it was not one of those stunts (I repeat - apparently, cuz one can never know these days :D)

Phone Girl said...

Ok you have to remind me, who is P. you should go through all your girl so far and post an reminder of each girl so readers like me can remmber....hehehe and don't be so down on yourself, I'll call and talk to you.......for free at that, your so lucky...lol.

Mr. Fast said...

Heh, OK, I'll try to think at something and make a list... it is indeed getting really hard to remember the girls' names.