Jul 23, 2008

It feels great to be back home

First of all I would like to start by apologizing – as you probably saw, the past couple of days I was unable to post anything, since my Internet died at home because of unknown reasons. Unfortunately, I couldn’t post from work either since my boss told me I’m not allowed to do “other things” while working and kept a close eye on me. Gladly, I was still able to surf my favorite Entrecard blogs and read the latest posts. Now I’m 100% back (unless my Internet connection dies again) and ready to share tons of exciting things which happened since I stalked my neighbor.

Until then, a holla from me to my friends who left me comments but, because of the problems mentioned above, I was not able to approve them: Phone Girl and Vikki, Dr. Ferox and Topolk… and everybody else who did not comment but kept visiting, wondering what had happened.. It feels great to know you have support and you’re not alone trying to change your life! This post right here is for you, my beloved readers and virtual friends! And in the next one I hope I’ll manage to say everything that happened with my Girl Quest.

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