Jul 14, 2008

A relatively good start of the week

Unlike last week when I was tired, wasted and ready to be controlled by my boss, I started this week full of life, energy and desire to win as many girls as possible. My flirting mana is to maximum levels, my charm is maximized, too and I am ready to hit the top spot as often as possible: this week I want to break some records when it comes to girls I get my hands on, since I kind of lost momentum and I don't want to make it a habit.

Of course, I did not get too many chances today since I still spend most of my time in an office, but at least I tried a bit more to find out what I.’s intentions really are: as I said before, it’s a really tricky situation here and things could get completely messed up if I do something wrong (I am talking, of course, about the only wrong thing I want to do – with work colleagues, it could get pretty tough :D).

Anyway, I kind of stalked I. the whole day and tried to learn her habits, try to “read” if she’s the type who wants commitment or fun. Of course, my eagle eye skills told me nothing about that, but while I was looking and looking and looking at her I did notice something: she’s quite pretty and I’m not the only guy working there who checks her out. And that made me a little bit anxious. I need to have her!

During the lunch break, I “accidentally” ran into her and we shared the same table for a wonderful hour. I tried to keep the flirting to a minimum and act as natural as possible (just as I said a while ago about the whole flirting technique) and she proved to be a really charming, enjoyable person – there are moments when you realize even more that women should never be treated as I try to treat them, that they are human beings and they really deserve much more attention than we (as in men) are ready to offer. However, I have a quest here and, as unpleasant as it is, I have to keep going.

And that was about it today. I just got to meet her a bit better, we talked, we enjoyed each other, we promised to spend some more time together. By the end of the week I need to have had her in my bed already and I need to move on – I noticed that, starting the “O incident” I started to become a bit too sensitive when it comes to girl. That should change, for at least 11 more months.

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