Jul 19, 2008

Girl of the week – Catrinel Menghia

Most of you, my dear readers, probably know very few things about the country I’m coming from – Romania. It might seem that flirting is way too easy (if you read my first posts) or impossible (if you read what had happened to me during the past couple of weeks). You might wonder how girls look like and if they worth all my trouble. In an attempt to answer you that, I have decided to begin this “girl of the week” series in which I will present you, on a weekly basis, a beautiful Romanian girl – famous or “girl next door”.

The beauty above, as the title of the entry says, is model Catrinel Menghia, a 23 years-old girl currently living in Italy. A “cover” regular not only in Romania, but many other countries, too, she started her career at only 16 years old (when she first appeared in FHM, with her mother’s approval).

Seven years later, a new appearance on the cover of FHM magazine had the picture below as a result. The image was quickly “borrowed” by websites, foreign magazines and it basically became a “must have” and a definite fantasy-maker. Don’t hurry to scroll down, though – it’s NSFW (but it’s worth the risk). Oh, and one more thing about her – she has just been crowned as the “sexiest woman of 2008” in Romania – just so you know who you’re looking at.

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TOPolk said...

Very sexy. Great choice for the premier post.

Alexis said...

Nice idea!Can't wait to see who's next.I like Lili Sandu. She's hot.

Mr. Fast said...

Yes, she is hot, but she's getting old :P I'll have her in mind, though.