Jul 11, 2008

Back to my sexy world

As I kept saying, I had an awful week. Busy as hell and without any extra chances to meet new girls, flirt, date and eventually have sex. I also neglected my blog because of the same reasons – when you’re dead tired, you don’t feel like doing anything but sleeping, you know? Fortunately, doing that made me understand that sleeping alone is nevertheless uncool, boring and completely useless. And that made my heart go “boom-boom,” the testosterone level in my body sky-rocketed and I am ready for the weekend. I need a girl, badly. Correction: I need more girls!

I also promise to keep you updated as I should - on a daily basis (of course, unless my boss decides to gift me with another crazy week like this one!). I will also slightly change the way My Girl Quest looks like (don’t worry, there will be minor, barely-visible changes) and also start implementing some cool new stuff – I have a few dating-related, on-topic uhm… topics I want to write about but which are not exactly "diary" stuff. And it’s better than just saying (hopefully I won’t do that too often, though) “Today I got no girl, the end”, right?

And since I can’t keep posting every two days an entry basically saying “I’m back!” I should update you a little on the work colleague matter (her name is I., if you remember well). Although I didn’t really have too much time to spend with her and she did not insist too much either (she took the first step, it’s only natural for her to stop and wait now), I did surprise her (and myself, of course) yesterday with a greeting – a strange, pointless and useless e-greeting I sent to her e-mail adress. A friendly, funny and not flirty one that made her giggle. She replied my message by saying “You’re cuter than I thought first”. And that’s straightforward! Let’s just hope, however, that she plans to make a new eff buddy and she does not plan to have a relationship.

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iris said...

You read thousands of blogs everyday about women in their quest to find the perfect man. It's refreshing to see a guy's perspective for a change. I'll definitely be visiting a lot. You are now in my blogroll. :-D

Mr. Fast said...

Hopefully, I will also have some things to say about that, too, because this week that just passed was not as encouraging as my start :) But it's always great to hear that I manage to produce readable material, so thanks! I feel honored!