Jul 12, 2008

Flirting as a technique versus spontaneity

I just had a revelation on why my flirting techniques don’t manage to bring me enough girls even though, basically, I’m not the last person one would choose to be around. And the key word of this revelation stands exactly in the introduction: flirting “techniques”. Because “technique” involves training, knowledge, experience – it is something you achieve, not something you just do, you just go for. And flirting, in order to be successful, even though it basically is something planned in my case, should be as natural as possible – no techniques involved, no pick up lines learned by heart, no pose striking or other pathetic bullshit like that. Everything a person has to do in order to succeed is to understand that, most of all, flirting is just a game and not a technique.

Whenever I put my eyes on a girl, before the approach, I already create a short plan of flirting, I know what my opening line will be, I have an opinion about her and her habits already, I know what compliments to sneak in between my words – technically, I have a good plan and I will do it as it’s written in the invisible book of flirting. But that is WRONG!

Girls probably shoo tens of guys who approach them daily with well done homeworks, “perfect” pick-up lines and attitudes or poses rehearsed in front of their mirrors. They start to do stuff mechanically and God knows girls have a sixth sense developed only for sniffing insincere stuff from horny males.

One the other hand, flirting as a game, flirting as an indie art and not a sport that allows you to develop your own technique… flirting as it should be – sincere, playful, joyful and natural will be totally different from what people are doing nowadays. Taking some extra time to forget about everything you knew about flirting and just being yourself will probably work best with girls because I believe girls want, more than anything, a human being and not a sex machine (there are dildos or paid-for escorts for that).

So during this weekend I will try to approach girl using this “method” – of course, by trying to be as natural as possible I could actually get to be as unnatural as possible and ruin the whole thing, but I think I will eventually manage to get something out of this. I got to find out if girls still have the ability to “sniff” the fakers or the whole world is starting to fall apart. Because if technique is everything that matters now when it comes to flirting and not spontaneity and genuine liveliness, then I’ll get back to the old online methods: copy – paste the same message and send it to 300 girls per day.

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Lynn said...

"girls want, more than anything, a human being and not a sex machine"

...exactly! nice to read something like this from a male. (",)