Jul 2, 2008

The work flirt (or just friends?)

I was really planning to take a little break this week from flirting, dating and trying to get all the willing girls in my bed. Really, it is pretty hard and energy consuming to keep thinking at pickup lines, keep being what every girl wants you to be (because, to be honest, there is no need to be yourself when everything that matters is sex). But, as I said, all these kind of raises your stress level way too high. Not to mention the fact that I had an awful week, even though I did manage to score three chicks and, overall, it was a great dating/flirting/bed hopping frenzy.

But, as it usually happens in life, whenever you're planning to take a break, you can't. Or at least sort of, as it happens in my particular case (oh, why didn't any of these happen during the five years I've been together with M???). Anyway... I must admit that, in the end, I can't complain about that especially because I don't even know if it is indeed reality or just my imagination.

Here's what happened today at work (yes, as strange as this might sound, I do have a work place, I'm not spending my entire life searching for girls to flirt with and do :D). One of my few girl colleagues suddenly started to seem very interested in what I'm doing and what I'm saying now, even though we know each other for about three months, since she started working here (and she never seemed interested in anybody more than in professional kind of way - and I'm not working in a whorehouse :D). So, today, while I was eating a chicken sandwich on a bench in a nearby park, she appeared out of nowhere and sat without even asking if she can do that (of course I would've had nothing against that, since she is quite charming and beautiful).

Out of the blue, she started to tell me how hard it is for her to accommodate with life in this new city (she’s in her first year at one university here), that she did not manage to make any friends, that she started to forget what having fun means and so on (of course, she said it in a different, not so direct way, but that was the idea). Because I did not know anything about her true intentions, I kind of backed up a little, saying that it was the same for me when I moved in, but I’m sure things will change. Then she spent five more minutes with me, talking about the job and left to "grab a bite to eat". But, following the lunch break, I noticed her looking at me every now and then – either throwing quick glances at me, or completely staring at me and continuing eye contact even after I look back at her. And this could mean that she wants IT, too.

But I must look at this whole situation very carefully: if these are indeed signs that she's interested in me, she probably wants something more than a one night stand or something similar – most likely, she is preparing for a relationship. Which I'm not planning on doing, since my girl quest has just started. And except from that, I enjoy having fun with random girls every now and then, even though this is a very tiresome thing to do. Anyway, back to my colleague – if she indeed wants a relationship with me and I take advantage of that to get into her bed and write another name on my list (I know, males are such pigs sometimes!), it would have as a result a pretty strange situation at work and it could, probably, lead to more conflicts than anybody would need. Damn... I hate when I have to take important decisions!

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Prisqua said...

What if you just happen to find the "right" girl by doing this... will you ignore it??

Mr. Fast said...

As strange as this might sound... yes, I would still ignore her. I have some other plans now, I don't want to get involved. But I will debate a bit about this in my next post, inspired by one of your own posts :)