Jul 23, 2008

Two girls for me, please!

Last time I posted I was drinking all alone, stalking my neighbor and fantasizing – I was having no real hopes on getting a girl (any girl, yes), on being able to go to a date, be able to flirt and do something with my life. It was one of those times, you probably know too but you don’t like to talk about. Well… it was wrong!

Unfortunately, my neighbor didn’t start to wave at me, call me to visit her or something similar (although I would’ve totally loved something like that to happen) – actually, she doesn’t even seem to be an exhibitionist, since that was the first and last time I saw her working out without any clothes on (yes, I kept looking every now and then). But it was all for the good.

Later that day (on Sunday, I mean) I went out with one of my friends somewhere nearby to drink a beer and talk a little. I wasn’t dressed up for flirting and I wasn’t even able to think about anything else but my beautiful neighbor’s perfect twins. Fortunately for me, my friend wanted to get a girl and somehow managed to invite two pretty nice girls to share the table with us. As it usually happens, at first we “shared” them wrong – she started flirting with the girl I eventually ended up with and I was kind-of trying to hit on the girl that ended with him (and, by now, he already dumped her – some people! He’s on no Girl Quest, that’s just his way of living!)

P. is the name of the girl and, even though I was not able to get into her pants (or mouth, if I’m allowed to say that) yet, I did not lose my hope since we met for a little while on Monday, too (she wanted us to go for a walk, you know, the “let’s get to know each other better” part I’m not up for, but I have to accept in order to get what I want) and we’re going to meet tomorrow (and not too many times in the future, hopefully, since I really have to do her ASAP).

However, I must admit she’s a really enjoyable person – I love talking to her, I like the way she looks like, I like her style – I like everything about her. It’s sad to see you get the chance to meet a girl that could be a good choice for the future but, since you have other plans, you’ll have to let her go. Hopefully I won’t end up cursed and alone at 60.

Anyway, P. is not the only girl I managed to get my hands on. I., my colleague from work – the girls I promised myself to completely ignore – found a moment yesterday to confess that she didn’t have sex during the past 6 months. Yes, just like that, during the lunch break, while I was eating my god damned sandwich and I almost choked with it! I tried to keep it funny (and I was kind of afraid, too) so I told her the classic “I got a friend who might help you with that, if you wish” and I smiled. She smiled too and nodded. There was a spark in her eyes. She totally wants IT. Totally!

Today she said nothing about that – it was my turn. I didn’t want to push things again (as I probably did the last time when she got pretty scared) so I invited her out on Friday, offering her as an excuse the fact that she’s going to meet a friend of mine. She accepted and said “Will you help me choose my outfit for Friday?”. She definitely wants IT! She is probably crazy, too – and I’ll have some serious trouble after I do her, but I totally need some excitement in my life. Hopefully, she won’t be that bad. I’ll keep you updated. And I’ll also try to remember some more things, because I have the feeling that I forgot a lot of things (that’s what happens when you have to share 3 days in one post).

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