Jul 8, 2008

Life goes on

OK, it's time for this guy here to get back to his new way of living. It was nothing but a pathetic, way too sweet post my latest one and that's not what I plan to be - weak, exposed, ready to be hurt again. I just want to be the dating maniac, the dating expert, the man who just gets girls and nothing more. It's no time for love yet. No time for impossible love!

And, based on the fact that whatever does not kill you makes you stronger, here I am! Ready to restart dating, ready to go on a flirting spree again and never stop. Ready to prove that I am a man who knows what he wants (sex with girls) and knows how to get that. Cheers for my new life and for being able to quickly get back on track. And I didn't even have to get wasted in order to get over it :D

So... here is another little plan for the next few days:

  • Find out what I., my work colleague, really wants from me
  • Restart two of my previously failed side-quests: telling girls they're beautiful and trying to pick them up on the street.
  • restart online flirting with "my girls" - last time was a success, which means that anything is possible.
  • stop making plans, lists, calculations and just go for it! :D

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Monique said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, lurking about, but now I want to know: What exactly is your girl quest? To remain uncommitted for a year?

I think the fact that you are tracking this, and remaining honest about it is really admirable.

Mr. Fast said...

Well... unfortunately, my girl quest is exactly the opposite :) Following the disappointment of being dumped after a 5-years long relationship, I decided to change my life, never fall in love again and live the life of a teenager, something I lost during the past five years and date 100 girls in 365 days (one year).

iris said...

Well, I definitely admire your honesty. I just hope you don't leave too many hearts broken in the process, and that you won't overlook the right woman if she happens to cross your path.

Looking forward to your stories! :-)