Jun 10, 2008

Remember the good old times, Sony?

PlayStations have absolutely nothing to do with My Girl Quest. But since I used to work as a game journalist in my country a while ago, I found this specific picture you can in this post worth much more than just 1000 words.

So, what do we see here? We see a happily “just-married” couple (that actually look so 90s!) that enjoys Sony’s newest work of art – the PSOne. Just by looking at them one can understand how happy they were and how good everything went between them – they are even sharing the same controller! Oh, ain’t that sweet and cute and cudly?

But this happened a looong while ago, when Sony one was getting ready to take over the world (with the PS2) and, of course, just like in a hippie generation, everybody was excited back then. Who knows, maybe back then the PlayStation was even able to get you laid. Or at least get you a date. But now, a PS3 wedding cake seems more like a comedy gag!

But that is NOT the funny part. Because I was just wondering, when I accidentally found this old picture: are the two still together? Are they still loving the PlayStation? Or they have too gone to Microsoft’s side now? It would be absolutely hilarious to see their 6-7 year-old kid in a picture, in front of a cake with the shape of an Xbox 360. Heh. And what makes this story even more sad: it could be true!

Note: if you want to see the whole picture, you can click it, of course!

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