Jun 8, 2008

Street pick up?

Unbelievable, I agree, but I did it! Of course, not as often as I would’ve liked to, but I did it! For about half an hour I walked down the streets just to look for girls to tell they’re beautiful. I don’t know how many there were (six or seven or something like that), but things look pretty promising:

  • None tried to hit me.
  • None ran away/screamed/called the police.
  • About half of the girls didn’t even look at me when I said that (or, even more, they ostentatiously looked the opposite way. Oh, well…)
  • The other half either smiled, either fearfully whispered a “Thanks”.
  • None tried to hit me!

So everything seems to be great at the moment. I have the guts. There is nothing harder to do than randomly walk down the street and suddenly say to somebody “You’re beautiful” without sounding like a maniac. What’s even better, girls seem to dig this and a 50% chance of scoring/dating/holding hands is much better than none. Riiiight? So I’ll keep doing it. It’s good for the confidence. And, who knows, maybe I'll be able to develop a street pickup (or pick up?) technique and become some sort of guru for relationships and dating. LOL

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speak in doodles said...

It's good you didn't terrify those girls. I take it that you're a decent looking male then. As a female, I actually find it annoying when guys "holla" at me. Good thing I'm not one of the violent types.

Mr. Fast said...

No, it has nothing to do with looks (even though I must admit that I consider myself quite gorgeous :D), but with intentions. I was not (necessary) trying to pick the girls up, I was just telling them they're beautiful. It seems that people like hearing this kind of things :)