Jun 28, 2008

The end of a love story… or something

As I said, I had some really mixed feelings for A. She was loveable and angelic but, as I was going to find out, she was far from being an angel. And I tend to believe that E. was right to feel mad on her (just to keep up with the captions, E. is the neighbor I did earlier this week and part of the reason why T and I don’t talk anymore)

Anyway… it was proved to me that A. was quite a devil. After the strange night we had, I woke up feeling pretty OK: I was still feeling bad following the punches received from the drunk guy, but all in all was OK. I wasn’t in the mood to flirt, though… but there was no reason to do that, after all: I already had the girl, A. and there are no rules against spending more than one night with the same chick, right? Especially if she does a great job at being a… female, you know? So I wanted to spend a few more hours with her, maybe do her one more time, then get my ass in the car and drive home and forget about that place. Again, God had other plans!

When I woke up she was already awake, naked, looking at her body in the mirror and putting on some make-up. Of course, I found the view really exciting (duuh!) and thought it was my lucky morning, but she told me to go take a shower and prepare to have some fun. She said we still had a lot to do. And this scared me a bit. “We”? “a lot to do”? What the hell? We barely knew each other, we had NOTHING to do except make up, kiss and say goodbye. But, since I’m not that alpha male I sometimes pretend to be… I said “OK” and went to take the shower.

I found out the plans: we had to go eat the breakfast out (we did), we had to leave the car in the parking lot and go for a walk to look at some clothes (we did, but I did not buy her anything – and she didn’t seem to be affected by that at the moment), we had to stop at a fancy pub and drink beer (?!? yes, she wanted that and we did it!), then walk a bit more because “that’s what people do”… and stuff like that. For at least four hours we did strange things, couple's things, something we shouldn’t have done. I was afraid she was going to take me meet her family soon!

Instead, she told me something like: “How much can one drink without getting to the hospital?” and basically invited me to another pub to find out the answer. Don’t get me wrong… I totally liked her attitude, but it was scary as hell what she was doing – it’s not something you do with strangers, right? Still… there was something pushing me from behind and I accepted her invite and went to “get wasted”.

I have no idea what pub was that or where was it compared to her apartment, but every single body there seemed to know my angelic A. And, even worse, she seemed to know everybody – but that was not something to make me think there was something fishy somewhere. I mean… people have friends, and I’m not the one to judge! So we kept drinking. And we kept doing it until we were pretty drunk. And we talked. A lot. And you know how people tell strange secrets from their past when they’re drunk? Well… the same did A.

She admitted to me that she was a kind of an escort in the past – she had no “manager”, she was on her own. No contracts, no direct payment, only “let’s flirt, let’s do it, buy me a present”. Something that is, unfortunately, a common thing in my country and many girls do that. A. was one of those – she admitted that (no, don't think prostitution, it's not exactly the same thing). But she also admitted that with me “it was different”. Back then, because I was drunk, I believed her and felt kind of honored. To have a tramp like you is a real achievement! To flirt with her, pick her up and do her no strings attached – it’s a huge achievement. So I was feeling like a real man back then and, naive, I believed her.

Eventually she told me to pay for the drinks and go home. She said had a little “treat” for me. But, before all that, she told me that she would love to have something from me… something to make keep me alive in her memories. And I was drunk and agreed to buy her a present. Big mistake. Because that was everything she wanted from me, actually (well… at least she offered something in exchange… but it is still not very encouraging and definitely not something to lose a friend for).

Anyway… to finish this post and the story (I realize that I am absolutely boring, but it’s the fault of the tiredness I have accumulated): when we were heading from the shop to her apartment for me to get that "treat", I was stopped by the police. I was pretty drunk and they almost suspended my driver’s license, but I managed to get away with that. At home we had some great, great fun and she kept saying me that I was different, that she was sure we could work it out and start a relationship.

I was going to leave the next day, though. And she was not going to cry. Now she has a nice gift. I just have another girl’s name to write on My Girl Quest's list. And a bunch of really nice pictures of her (sorry for all the blur, but that’s how it should be done, …)

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TOPolk said...

Nice. Gotta love the thigh high stockings and hooker boots. I'm a fan.

+1 bro.

Mr. Fast said...

I'm waiting for you to come to Romania, then! That's how girls are here (usually). And it's crystal clear probably that they're not that hard to get :)

TOPolk said...

Romania huh? For some reason I was thinking that you were in the northern US. Girls are typically easy to get (and dress like that) there as well.

Mr. Fast said...

Damn! And I was hoping we're unique at least at this point :)))