Jun 22, 2008

Lotta love for the woman above me

Just as I was expecting, this little holiday of mine already proved to be a lifesaver for My Girl Quest! It’s all different when you are away in another city, without caring that your friends might find you, without caring if a girl you use one night will tell her friends and slowly you will become a persona non grata. All you have to do in another city is – party, party, party! And that’s exactly what I plan to do – and have absolutely great results. I’m quite a stud, you know? (Yeah, I kept heard that if you keep repeating stuff to your silly little brain, you will start to believe that :D)

So… I have arrived yesterday here, in this new city where I’m going to live in a friend’s apartment for a few days. A little so-called vacation which was mostly meant to be a battery-recharge for me, but will hopefully turn into a real orgy with tens of girls and wine and pointless sex.

Anyway… back to the topic. As I was saying, when I met with my friend yesterday night, since I was pretty tired following the 8 hour-long road trip, I told him I’d rather spend the first night at home than going to a club – I just wasn’t in a mood for it. And God knows club girls feel everything and a bad mood would’ve been a definite No-No!

My friend agreed, but insisted that we should do at least some socializing, so he called a few friends to his apartment so we can play cards, drink a beer or two and talk – you know, old man’s style of fun.

But it turned out it was not that old school (or this is just how it always happens with me – I get all the fun when I am least expecting it) since my friend has the sexiest neighbor in the world. I mean – forget the sexy Euro 2008 chicks, this girl was the real deal! And she was right there, near me, not in Austria or Switzerland. And, of course, it's pointless to say: single and willing!

We started our “affair” just how high-school couples begin theirs – my friend, who knew some things about my desire to flirt, pick up and screw as many girls as possible, kept joking that me and her should be together, that she should kiss me since I haven't been with a woman since my gf left me (oh... if any of them knew the truth!) and so on. One bottle later, we were confy cuddling on the couch, completely ignoring the card-playing dudes. And, just a bit more later, we were in the room upstairs and I was screwing her brains out!

This means that I have four girls on my list. Much, much better than what I was expecting when I first started My Girl Quest and I was a complete wuss (well… I still am, but I’m in another city and I just know I will keep scoring. So please, pray for me :D)

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